(we all have to) burn something

I’m all set, see I’m set straight
I got the whole thing, and yeah it’s great
Life’s just running around saying “Hi”
And I don’t have to worry, No,
‘Cause I read people, yeah, No
God’s taking notes on me

Well things are off course just a little bit
Maybe it’s me, nah that’s shit
They’re getting worried about me
Well slow, slow down, so I’m told
I’m digging a circle around a hole
Let’s play “Who Won’t Breathe”

We all gotta burn something
Yeah, we all gotta burn something
See, we’re all, we’re all just burning something
Yeah, we all gotta burn something

She had a boyfriend, so I’m told
Played a dumb sport, did the drama show
Her parents screamed, “On your knees”
Trapped to bond every day like never
I know, I know things should get better
Oh no, not another bad week

But boy, boyfriend, yeah, he cheated
Something about her being mistreated
In her eyes she was only twenty percent there
And little by little by little by little
She lost her interest, little by little
At an age, a young age
She had to burn something

So stop me while I’m tired
Go on and stop me while I’m tired

He dug this girl from Tokyo
He wished he liked the radio
He said, maybe one day I’ll put some crap up there too
See, learning is never what we expect
Kinda like the way they met
Overrun by change, those years can steal

Now he puts up too many empty frames
In his lonely apartment he goes insane
From his life of constant action, to now solitude
He said “Power’s too common, don’t you think these days?
I’d rather go back to my old ways
I’d rather go back to my simple ways”

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