taking back the rhythm

Go ahead and badge me president
Of not giving into music’s bullshit
And while you’re at it why don’t you just say
The scene’s been dead since you last heard me say

In the scene I stand, I’m surrounded by a book
A list of things I’m not, rebellion models think I should
Be what they are, what they want me to be
Now what the fuck is that, would you accept me? Me? No!

Go ahead and burn your radio
Or listen to their crap until it shows
And while you’re at it why don’t you just say
The scene’s been soft since you last heard me say

Can’t you see your music’s based on rebellion
Not, to follow all the rules, but to create like those who did it back then
Keep it the same, no progress, yeah you’re fine the way it is
Well, if you lock us up, then when will you let us out?

It’s midnight in the city
I’m two blocks from downtown
My back pack’s full of fliers
I’m gonna save the sound

They’re stripping down the culture
They’re dumbing down the arts
They’re robbing us of music, yeah
They’re robbing us of us

I finally quit my job, yeah
Quote me when I say
I’m gonna take ’em on
I’m my own D.J. runaway

I’m sittin’ on the curb
Torn paper in my hand
From the pen to my voice
To your ears to your voice

I’m taking back the rhythm
I’m taking back the song
I’m gonna show ‘em up, yeah
And it won’t take me that long

It’s scary when I’m focused
It’s a scary flat out brawl
It’s scary that these kids these days
They crazy have no balls

So I’m going to the clubs
Where what I hear is right
Their big money don’t intimidate me
Forever I will write

Let’s show ‘em that we mean it
Let’s show ‘em we won’t die
*Let’s all plug right in and point our amps at the sky

Go ahead and burn your radio

*Shawn McCarthy of ‘Helms’

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