stupid mind

Your thoughts are ripping, twisting, tearing your mind apart

Way in your head, God, your thoughts are jumbling all around
It’s not like sanity is lacking, it’s not like you’re not found
Your mind is pulling, the pulling is what you cannot take
You’ve got to cut the line of your mind, it’s hanging dead weight

My stupid mind comes in my head, I fight it all the time
My stupid mind, my stupid mind
My stupid mind, my mind

You choose your words, better you choose to react to mine
You sit real cool, like a fool, you sit and pretend to be fine
Like a drug that’s in my mind, I say I’m giving you up
Your wit is spit, seeping down-down into my cuts

Well, I’ll be sitting, taking it easy on a summer’s day
Why this happens, I have no questions, but I say, Hey!
The people and the friends, the ones who be keeping me in line now
You cleaned your thoughts with your stupid mind, stupid mind

Keeping my mind stable, keeping my mind right
Just keeping my mind stable, keeping my mind right

My stupid mind, it becomes right
My stupid mind, it becomes wrong

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