i’d rather

The feeling’s trapped,
Wrapped in all you might have said
I want to take it back
Hide it in, out it read

A circled voice
Is something that I cannot stop
Why have a friend just to cut him down?
Alone on top

Never fought, never mean
You never turned away, you never had to see
How can I hear your screams when you’re drowning in this silent place?
How can I hear your screams when I’m drowning in the same waste?

I wipe the window to see
The fog blocks my sight
Like when I want to believe
But can’t see all that’s right

A closed mouth said, nothing
Must have gone and spread the word
The word where small groups talk, hearts of rock
It’s all absurd

A chance for change, blind by fame, it’s all the same
A chance to let it go, and what I think I know
Progress isn’t stepping forward, progress isn’t judged by wealth
Too far to change us all, but not too far to save yourself

Naw, I think I’d rather go home
Solitude, I want to be all alone

It’s all for cash but, I don’t want it anymore
She’s making everybody mad and I don’t want it anymore
Five hundred dollars I’m going insane

Well anyway, I’m gonna wake up, do my daily act
Stick to what I like, hold on to what I hold real tight
Anyway, it’s not going to matter in the long run
Yet, long enough to frame the picture you show everyone

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