So how the fuck did we
Even get on this show
Some promoter must have had to fit
A stylistic status quo

I thought all the project bands have brainwashed
All the Punk Rock executives
I’m breathing air into the underground
After it was left in the street for dead

I can’t feel my hands
I’m too drunk to find my mind
I don’t want to talk to some screamo kid
About how much he digs Sublime

I’m dying in a club
That’s pumping ACME through its P.A.
Forever hated by this industry
But still finding a way on stage

It’s fading
Can no one tell?

So this is your first tour
I bet a beer that it’s your last
Don’t bother stickering the bathroom kid
I’ll be covering it in March

I read your autobiography
And frankly it don’t make sense
Man, I can’t believe I’m sharing a stage
With this shitty INXS

It’s faded
Can no one

Tell, me where it went wrong?
Tell, me where it went wrong
The underground
Tell, me where it all went wrong

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