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The Gypsy Mile Reading

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The Gypsy Mile reading is an audiobook of David McWane’s first self published book The Gypsy Mile.  This creative poetry reading is layered on top of composed music from David and his oldest and closest friends (see below).  One could think of it as Jake Kerouac mashed with Pink Floyd. 

The Gypsy Mile reading was recorded during a 4 day blizzard in New England where David found himself snowed in.  Much of the recording process was spent without electricity, but with battery power, close to the roaring fireplace, which one can hear crackling in the background and also the popping and pouring of rationed bottles of wine.  After recording over 2 hours of poems and music, 120 tracks and over 160 poems, David braved the tundra and was forced to mix this recording in his car – the only place with constant power. Lay back or enjoy a long midnight drive to The Gypsy Mile readings vols 1. & 2.

Music by: David McWane, Liz Lysinger, Sean P. Rogan, Rich Stien, Max MacVeety, Stephen Foote, Marc Flynn & Julian Harris.