A First Step

A First Step is a program that explores different environmental & humanity organizations. Like you, I became overwhelmed by which organizations to join. It’s confusing. To instinctively know what organization to support and join is hard. A First Step showcases a variety of non-profit organizations to help you decide which one resonates inside you. Our goal is to educate future leaders so that we can develop a more involved mentality and then start living a new pro-environment humanity. So, be inspired, stand up, get proactive and join one of these causes…. a cause that you feel is important. Our slogan at A First Step, is … Let’s start today!

A 1st Step: Introduction

A First Step with Rock ‘n Renew

A 1st Step with Canvas Foundation

A First Step with Warped Tour Eco Initiative

A First Step with Invisible Children

A First Step: Helping Turtles in Zihuatanejo Mexico at Playa Viva

A 1st Step with Action for Animals

A First Step: Landscaping a Baltimore High School (Day Off On Warped Tour)

A 1st Step with Defy Thirst

A First Step: MSPCA commercial #1

A First Step: MSPCA commercial #2

A First Step: MSPCA commercial #3

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