afirststepA First Step is a program that explores and hangs out with different environmental & humanity organizations. Like you, I became overwhelmed of what organizations to join. It’s confusing. To automatically know what organization support and join is hard.
A First Step showcases a variety of non-profit organizations, so you can decide which one resonates inside you. Our goal? It’s to educate future leaders, so we can all develop a more involved mentality. And then start living a new pro-environment humanity. So, be inspired, stand up, get proactive and join one of these causes. A cause that you feel is important. Our slogan here at A First Step, is … Let’s start today!

bigdBig D and The Kids Table, came together in 1996 when the members converged at Berklee College of Music in Boston. Thanks to the insane live show they put together, the band built up a huge local following almost immediately, packing clubs, halls, dorms, basements — you name it — all over New England.BIG D is sophisticated, pleasing, adventurous and experimental, but most importantly fun. Their positive festival spirited sound shines and takes them touring all around the world. Their DIY m.o. governs just about everything Big D have done, from engineering, producing, and releasing their own albums, which they did for the majority of their career (Fork In Hand records), making their own videos, putting together their own DVD, or spreading the Big D and the Kids Table gospel by playing an average of 200 shows a yearBig D is the product of a focused and hardworking band confident in their ability to spend their lives playing music no matter what. Members quit their jobs and couch surfed in order to put everything they had into their band and music theyshare. Every single member of BIG D is in love with music and it shows”We are a very honest band.”, says singer David McWane..

gravediggerGravedigger is the story of Timothy Pearson’s stay in purgatory as the Gravedigger. His job is to give people who stand at the crossroads of their lives, their “one chance” to choose their destiny or the path to Death.

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