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Voodoo Doll

The Flicks

Evening Poem:

why do you drink coffee at night, doesn’t it keep you up?

because, while I’m at work

I think about all the amazing things

I will do

once I get home

but once I’m home

after the traffic

prepare, eat and clean up dinner

flip through the mail

pay the bills

care for my love

and all the little this’s and that’s

that drain our hours

I’m too tired to do anything else

so I make a pot

I stay up late and

don’t get much sleep

because if I don’t

push it

if I don’t give it all I have


then sooner

than I think,



have all of me


From the book, ‘Let The Poet’s Come & Stop Me available on &

Thought of the day: Pertaining to eliminating Evil

“By the mid-eighteenth century, discussion was largely confined to the possibility of eliminating natural evils (suffering: example an earthquake) moral evils (sin: example 911), and the uneven connection between them. Medicine and technology were to combat the first, pedagogy (education) and better economic relations the second, and political justice would address the third.” – Susan Neiman

I find this exert from Susan Neiman relevant in the coming election. The Right (Republicans) often showcase them selves as strongly religious and along with that mentality, against Evil. However if you read above, American’s current political issues fall parallel to eliminating evil. ‘Medicine’ and the ‘technology’ to help all suffering, should be free to all – yet many of religious Right are not pro Free Health Care for fellow American’s and if you remember in the recent news the fire of a families home where the firemen stood by and watched their home burn, because the family couldn’t afford to buy into the firehouses plan, well, this doesn’t sound like Jesus’ word to me. For the example of ‘Pedagogy’ (education) – the right often doesn’t support as much funding in education or after school programs as the Left; it’s often one of their budget cut examples. If the Right is so head strong in keeping The United States a real global competitor, than education is the strongest tool to do so. ‘Economic Relations’ – an extremely current issue for today’s American. The Right support the structure of the The Have’s & Have Not’s, by eliminating the middle class and protecting at all costs our – American Royalty. Their position on tax cuts also doesn’t sound like Jesus’ word to me, nor Ronald Regan’s and it isn’t very patriotic. And finally ‘Political Justice’. The religious Right truly believe in what they believe, but if you read above their politics are not helping eliminate Natural, Moral and the combination of the two Evil. If they truly do believe in Jesus’ word than their pure virtue alone should lead them to use freely and justly medicine, technology, pedagogy, economic relations and political justice to dilute and illuminate Evil. If you watch any of the upcoming Republican debates or read into the candidate’s history, I think you will wonder, as I do, if the religious Right can even recognize Evil or understand the peaceful ways in which to eliminate it.

Quote of the Night:

“Act as though the principle of your action were to become by your will a ‘universal law of nature’.”

- Kant, Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals