Smoking Her Chalk

Hell To Mary

I was never very religious
So I didn’t learn the rules of God
When to sit down
When to stand up
Which days you can eat
Which days you can’t
I didn’t even know why I owned church shoes when
I was young
I never knew who the hell David, Michael
And Peter were
David killed a giant monster with a slingshot right?
I knew that
“What was the bread again?”
“Jesus’s body, his skin?”
“Why are we drinking juice in such a dramatic way”?
“We’re pretending it’s Jesus’s blood?”
“Really? Gross”
“Why was the oversized organ the choice instrument?”
It all seemed creepy to me
But that didn’t stop my parents from sending me to a Religious camp
I still couldn’t tell you which one
Catholic, Protestant, Jewish
They’re all the same to me
It didn’t matter, camp to me was…
Juice boxes, a bouncy ball and tug of war
There was one thing that the camp had us do that Always confused me
Before we went swimming, everyone would line up Around the pool and say,
“Hell to Mary, Hell to Mary”
Then we could jump in and swim
I knew about there being a God
And a Jesus son guy, psst he’s everywhere
Even a virgin Mary
They’re on the front burner of religion
But weren’t we supposed to like them?
Why were we condemning Mary to hell, I thought
But I really just wanted to jump in the pool
So, I’d scream loud, like everyone else
“Hell to Mary, Hell to Mary”!



Too Dark To See

On the porch to my grandfather’s home
My father and I stood
He was to show me a big thunderstorm
So I could get my first glimpse of lightning

“There’s one, did you see it,” he asked
And I had not

I concentrated hard for him—
I would find the right spot to look
Commit to one area
In the gigantic black of the night sky

And the spray of the falling rain

Lightning webbed the sky

For two full seconds it became
Daylight again

And I realized,
“Dad, the sky is always blue; it’s just too dark to see!”


My First Bikini Girl

I had to stand on the thin, loose railing of the stair case
Testing the strength of old screws with my
Youthful inquisitiveness
And lean forward over the stairs
To look out the top bedroom window
Of the little blue with white trim cottage
Down at our neighbor
Sunning herself
In a white and pink bikini

“I have never seen that before”, I thought
Confused by a racing heart
I was too young
And had no words for ‘Oo la la, sexy woman’,
So I’d sneak peeks and commit
Her long laying body
To memory

Her legs reflected the sun so harsh it made me see Sunspots
I would have to close my eyes; taking small
Peeping breaks
Swearing I could smell the fruity lotion she’d applied

I grew up
And was in the presence of many more bikinis
On many different types of women
Subconsciously, I thought that bikini girls were Supposed to be
Three feet taller then me
But they’re not
There are few who are

Never do I see a two piece
Without feeling the long stretch of tippy toes
Stretching far to bring my nose
Just over the window’s ledge
The rewarding glimpse of a long woman dressed in a White and pink bikini

She must be in her 40’s now
These days the younger girls sit around with her

But I still sneak peeks
Out the top window of the little cottage
At my first bikini girl