A Man Throwing A Coin In The Ocean

A Man Throwing A Coin Into The Ocean

Sitting outside the restaurant my friend works at
I paused
Pulling up from finishing an outline of a story I’m Writing, called ‘Sordid Out’
Hunched there on a bench in Hermosa Beach Pier in California,
I smelled the salt of the breaking sea water
Heard the sizzle of its waves pulling back from the
Wet beach sand
Watched lovebirds walk arms locked, lightly flirting
And caught snippets of happy friends gabbing
It was 11:00 pm-ish
And I had no direction
My life was just writing and waiting for my friend to get Out of work
Far off on the peer I noticed
A silhouetted man standing alone talking to his
Clasped hands
He kissed his hands and hurled a coin into the ocean
He then looked down at the
Old wooden boards of the peer,
Sullen in thought
“How desperate we are for our wishes to come true”
I thought
“When we must make the ocean our wishing well”


Us Wild Ones

Keeps you in it’s grid
With their—
Social expectations
Healthcare plans
Retirement threats
High rents
Low wages
The fear of local news whispering to you loudly
And most of humanity
Locks up in this grid
Of today’s society
But not all
Not the insane
Not the crazed
Not the drug users
Not the entrepreneurs
The artists
Or the fortunate
Not all
Of humanity
Is tamed


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