tell him to shut it

tell him to shut it
tell him he’s a prick
push him first
better yet – hit him
diss his girl
diss him to her
put your chest out
be a man
be the one they talk about at the bar
everyone being impressed that you didn’t let it go
get out of your head
no more inner monologue
this is it
this is you
who the hell is he anyway?
do it
don’t puss out
stop pussing out
“I should’a, I could’a”
c’mon, lose that, that’s old news
you’re the bad-ass
lesser men have done more
you’re the one the ladies will later
ask their boyfriends,
“would you have done that?”
christ, be a real goddamn man
you’re a man, right?
and if he hits you
everyone gets knocked
and getting knocked is better than
the pain of wishing
you hadn’t told him to
shut it!