Red Hood Girl

Jane always spoke
Of having a red hooded cape –
Like Little Red Riding Hood’s cape
And after her mother came back
From her year in Paris
She had a present for Jane –
The bright red hooded cape
It was long and soft
With long strings to tie around her neck
Jane loved it
She wore it to school
She wore it to church
In front of the television
And even to bed
But one day, when Jane and her old Irish setter Richie
Went out for an adventure
Richie decided the best way to escape the evil flying monkeys
Was to jump into the brook
And roll around in the mud
After Richie bopped back over to Jane
With a muddy nose
Muddy paws
And mud clumps under his belly
He did his shake
And mud sprayed everywhere
Richie noticed that
Jane looked devastated
Quickly she brought Richie back to the brook
While muttering
Washed off the rest of the mud
Jane then tore off her red hood
And used it to
Dry Richie fluffy again
That way
When the two of them got back to the house
Jane knew
It would be her
That would get