My First Dinner in Heaven

I want Shepard and Banksy to paste the walls
Dali to arrange the furniture
Rockwell to prepare dinner
And Picaso to choose the wine

I want Van Gogh and O’Keefe to choose the flowers
Gould to play his piano
Edith Piaf to sing
And Ms. Audrey Hepburn to be my girl

I want Dr Suess and Gorey to trade stories
Jane Goodall to inspire us
Fred Astaire to teach us steppin’
And Arno Rafael Minkkinen to photograph us all

I want my mother and father to be kissing
All my old pets to be young and playing
My old teddy bear living
And all my heroes as proud as anything

I want to eat, drink and laugh with everyone
While Rembrant and Basquiat work together,
Drunk off hot wine, painting us all
At my first dinner in heaven