Little Ms. Pianos

I deliver wine
Liquor and beer
In downtown

Had a delivery down in Harvard Square
The house was
And not well kept up
It smelled like old people
But the elderly lady who greeted me at the door
Had a cool air
And had a 1960s London mod hair cut
I could tell when she was a younger girl
She was hip
I brought her tons of booze
MaCallen, Chivas, Guinness, Sam Summer and
A couple bottles of Corton MarGavy – ($500.00 a pop by the way)
And put it down on the kitchen floor
“We’re having a magical recital here tonight, a performance”
She said
“Come look here come” – she took my hand
And lead me to a large room
Where there were
Two enormous grand pianos
And chairs were all set up
The pianos were polished and looking fine
There were oil paintings hung all around the room
That looked old enough to be worth somethin’ prime
“That sounds like a lot of fun, Ms.”
Smiling up at me,
She said
“Oh it is, it is
Lovely music

Just lovely,