lay one on annie

annie is the sweetest girl we all know
she married joe
that was a big mistake

annie had developed the best way to take joe’s punches
she’d flex her cheeks tight
and turn her chin, so as not to take it in a loose jaw

she’d pucker her lips
and jam her tongue low
so as not to accidentally bite down on it again

once she hits the ground,
annie brings her arms in over her stomach and breasts
for the kicks joe delivers her when he’d say
“you’re good for nothin’”

eventually, joe screwed around
came home with a new girl to pack up his stuff
annie caught the worried look of the new girl
while annie was on the ground trying to breathe

the new girl must never have seen joe act that way
he grabbed her by the wrist and yanked her out the door saying,
“that girl’s good for nothin’”

annie met mike two years later
but the first week they moved in together,
mike lost his job

he was screaming all around the small apartment, cursing his foreman
and when he threw his pail into the sink with a crash, annie knew it was coming
so she flexed her cheeks, puckered her lips, closed her eyes and raised her chin

mike turned and saw her
he approached and said,
“you’re right annie, and kissed her cheek
I still got you”

when annie’s eyes opened they poured out tears
she leaned back on the sink covering her chest
staring at Mike shocked, she quietly let flow
her wet joy