Poem Of The Day:

You Americans


You may use the term

– “You Americans”

if you like


But I must tell you

the credibility of your logic

decreases by half


Like when I hear the unevolved say

–       “You people”



your country’s name

your heritage name


your sex

in the sentence


“You Africans always…”

“You Chinese just think you’re…”

“You women can’t stop…”


However if it rings


“You Americans always…are so hospitable.”

“You Americans are just…hilarious.”

“You Americans can’t…keep making me laugh like this.”


Then continue starting sentences with

– “You Americans”


But if you are sour inside

And want to make a global point

Run the sentence in your head first

Think and be patient with what you want to express


Then maybe your logic will be heard

And not dismissed

by the ancient art of profiling

Making your credibility increase by half



maybe you just shouldn’t drink so much in public

– From the book Modern American Gypsy, found here: http://www.davidmcwane.com/store/

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