Pages 31-40 of ‘Modern American Gypsy’ will be back on Monday.

But until then, enjoy this:

Pocket of Poems

Winter’s mist

hides the poet

eating toast


Double parked fish truck

Makes the world



Four beers

Two margaritas

He’s no fun anymore


“What’s it called again?”

“A burrito,

How have you never had one?”


Fresh cookies

“Can I have one?”

“Of course, I made them for you”


The student cries

Too much work

Too much work


They broke up

He’s crying outside

But it’s a good thing


Little girl waits

Fall leaves piled

Dad says, “Okay, Jump!”


“He pulled my hair”

“Is that true, Jonathan?”

“I di-didn’t mean to”


The poet waits

Looks through the trees

Then writes


“It’s really for me?”

“Yup, I think it’s from Gammy”

“It’s really for me?”


Crouched with a net

Singing for the fish to come

Dad snaps a photo of his son


“I don’t think you’ll like a perm”

“But Mum, I want one”

Trouble ahead


“This is your new brother”

“I love him”

“So do I”


Pocket Full Of Poems is from the book Let The Poets Come And Stop Me available here:

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