Today Sept 14th Post: note

I will be waking up very early in order to give a talk at Lyndon State College in Vermont with Joe Gittleman, for his school’s Music Business seminar. Pages 30-40 of ‘The Modern American Gypsy’ will be posted in the evening once I get back and stretch.

Below are some ‘American Love Haikus’ for you until I get back (yes, not the standard beat scheme, but more Kerouack style).

Thanks for reading :)

- David McWane

american love haikus

 coffee employees laugh

and drop things

she likes him and him her


warm hands

cold noses

skating at night


student sees him approach

outside the coffee shop window



she cries to the moon

red phone rings

she is loved


fall ends the love affair

walking home

there are no tears


long shiny hair

covering my naked chest

let’s fall asleep


the boat coasts

a silent lake

her first romantic boy


mum’s lips on dad’s cheek

“mm” he says

after forty years


lips are softer

than I imagined

kiss me again


a fall date

she knows how to dance

uh oh


warm summer rain

naked in a field

what a joy she is


she sat on my lap

what do I do?

what do I do?


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