Evening Poems…or two poems and a thought.

The Two Poems:

the lazy lover

“then strike me down

blade out my heart

if I am not to find my love,

if I am to live in this world without her”

the young man screamed to the world

so the world sent a young woman

she approached him calmly

she unsheathed a blade

touched his shoulder

and cut out his


and said

“if you are not man enough

to wait, to search,

to find me

and save me

from the loveless world you speak of

then you

do deserve

to be stricken down


with all your

cheap moaning”

the wolf & the sleeping deer 

some women like a rough man

they like the feeling

that the wolf only allows the deer

to sleep by him

both knowing

he could

eat her

at any time

The Thought:

Better to be foolish from happiness than foolish from unhappiness.

From the book, Let The Poets Come & Stop Me.

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