Poem of the Day: Boston


when I travel

people ask me what it’s like to be from Boston

well, I would describe it as

after working a twelve hour hard shift plus commute,

to trying to park your car for an hour

but the only spot available is a handicapped space

or a loading zone

or an entire block is blocked off for construction

then you see someone pulling out, but they’re really pulling in

then it’s valet

then it’s resident

then it’s too small

then it’s okay, but at 5 AM it isn’t anymore

then you see one

a real one

but that’s not one

but wait there’s one

but when you pull into it,

you don’t get happy

you just glare at it

cause everyone

and everything

is against you

The above poem Boston is from the book Biting Lightening, Bloody Mary available here and at interpunk.com.

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