Lyrics of the Day: Best Of Them All

Lyrics of the Day:

The Best Of Them All

And when your girl’s shit father won’t leave you alone
Saying you ain’t got the heart and you ain’t got the soul,
After working all day, overtime and some more,
Just say, “I’m clocking out and heading to the bar”

And when the dept collectors won’t stop with the calls
And your heat and your phone have been shut off
And your girl’s looking stressed and mighty raw
Tell her, “We’re clocking out and heading to the bar”

And we’ll all spin around, spin around and again
No the lousy booze ain’t just family, they’re a trusted friend
And if your life ain’t fair just toast and sing
Oi, cheers to us, we’re the best of the all

We all need to breathe, drinks are on me
So drink on, drink on

And when they lay you off from your lousy job,
After five years, saying you did something wrong
And the CEO is at the end of the bar
Just scream, “Hey Prick, best get out of my bar”

And when your sister’s ex-boyfriend,
The one who cheated a lot,
Is smirking and laughing leaning on that bar
And your girlfriend says you don’t have to behave at all
Just scream, “Hey Prick, best get out of my bar”

Stay young, stay strong
Because we’re the ones, yah we’re the ones

Because it’s one, two, three
Knock them back with me
And drink on

Lyrics from Big D’s new record ‘For The Damned, The Dumb & The Delirious.’

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