Lyrics of the Day: Modern American Gypsy

Modern American Gypsy

The modern American gypsy
Bruised, battered, but free
Start today

Some of us are born to not assimilate at all
That’s what I was thinking with you against the bar
Brace yourself
Brace yourself for a true, long life

There’s nothing they can take or sell me
That I won’t always have with me
The world’s enough
The world’s for us who believe

First I’m gonna sell everything I see in sight
The modern day slave is a gypsy over night
Free yourself
Free yourself from their, their lies

You get one life
Then drink with God
A juicy life
I bend my own odds
It’s my right
I dare you to take from, from me

No you’re never gonna see it all
If you crawl
And there’s no more time to stall
And you know you can’t deny the call
Your call

Lyrics from Big D and the Kids Table’s new record: For The Damned, The Dumb & The Delirious. Available this summer on the Warped Tour festival.

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