it was the first compliment in a long time

it was the first compliment in a long time

after the break ups
there is the dread time
and she was fully in it
michelle walked through her days
on the edge of crying
she carried daunting pain with her
on her shoulders and back
while constantly trying to digest the sorrow in her
chest, neck
and stomach
but was unable to
the worms inside moved
and hurt
more than fragile,
michelle was now made of bird bones
delicately, she moved up and down the aisles
shopping for small things for the house
but when the nice gay fellow,
‘marc’ – read his name tag,
rang her up
and said,
“I love your sweater;
you look good; you’re a hottie”
the blood running through her body instantly felt richer
she could feel she was slouching
and straightened up
it was the first complement in a long time
“th-thank you”, she said and smiled
“girl has to hear the truth sometimes”, he said back
marc and michelle held that smile
for a nice
stepping back out on to newbury st.
she teared slightly from the compliment
and when she took a big breath to hold
everything together
she felt very nice
the dread time had now ended and
michelle was able to start
being herself

Poem from my new book Let The Poets Come And Stop Me, that will be available this summer on or from me on this summers Warped Tour festival.

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