Studio Update: Feb. 9th, 2011

Tonight will be our 5th session.

However we changed studios for the rest of the recordings. We chose to do the drums with Jim at The Outpost, because there truly is no other engineer that can do drums like Jim does. And with the help of John Cohan the drum-master-technician, Derek’s kit sounds like a million guns in one.

However now we are taking the record to Arlington with Steve Foote (Big D Bass) as our engineer, along with Kenny at Kenny’s studio - The Elephant Music Group. I recommend this studio to any bands in Boston, Allston and surrounding areas. The Elephant Music group, is a great size, has relaxed vibe, killer sound and Kenny the engineer is the best.

Tonight we do guitars. Nick will have: two different distortion sounds, a mid clean/gritty sound and a clean sound. Because we are recording 20 tunes, that will take until Friday night – I’m guessing. Then Anthony from ‘Ill Scarlet’ is flying in from Canada to lay some Piano & Organ down. Anthony is so good it hurts. Then we will move on to Bass, Vocals and Horns. In other cool news, Gabe Feenberg of Big D’s Shot By Lammi & Good Luck records is going to put some accordion down on 3 tunes and Gabe Rossi a home town friend will bless his fiddle on a track or two. Also the Doped Up Dollies – Sirae, Hayley & Brie are going to lay some vocals down for a cool reggae tune we have called Roxbury. Then it’s back to The Outpost with Jim for Mix & Mastering.

Okay that’s all for now…will be in touch,

David & Big D

p.s. – Gentleman make your Valentines Day reservations this week! ;)

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