Studio Update Feb. 5th 2011

Studio Update Feb. 5th, 2011

Yesterday Derek, Nick, Ryan and myself dropped off the gear at the studio – The Outpost. John Cohen the amazing drum technician, master of all tuning, and a very cool guy, primed Derek’s drum kit and Jim the engineer put up mics and got levels. Then we all just stood around and joked about. Day done.

Today Derek records. We started around 12:30. Derek has finished 5 songs – Walls, Cloths Off, Modern American Gypsy Rotten and Brain’s-a-Bomb. Now at 3:25 him, Nick and Steve take a brake in the rest room having a late lunch. And I am typing this update to you.

The vibe here is very good. Relaxing. We are focused but with a cheery flow. Our only problem is getting distracted and talking about complete nonsense – tangents on any topic at any time. But then one of us says, “Okay let’s do this” and Derek bangs out another tune.

We will probably start back up in about fifteen minutes. Derek will next tackle – Destination Gone Astray, Stringers, Runaway, Roots ‘n’ Shoots and maybe Beyond The Obvious. That’s half. That’s a solid day.

Now I am off to gather the boys and get things rolling again.

Update you guys later,

David McWane & Big D

p.s. – I’ll try and edit the video footage we have so far later on.

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