Poem of the Day: Biting Lightning

Biting Lightning

The day God decided I was to be cast to Hell,
he cried a mighty storm that drowned a litter of coons,
sleeping under the house.
A family of deer got split up in the powerful wind
and the roots of that season’s crops, loosened, sending the corn on it’s side.
I stood in the front yard
grabbing each bolt of lightning he sent down
biting each in half.

But Hell is worse then I imagined
and now I think about how I should
not have been so reckless.
I think about what Heaven must be like.

Yet there is talk
that the Devil will end his fire upon us
if we join him against the Lord
and as I lick my lightning burned teeth
and step forward
I wonder why my love for God
was not enough for him.

Poem from my new book Let The Poets Come And Stop Me, that will be available this summer on interpunk.com or from me on this summers Warped Tour festival.

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