Poem of the Day: Pocket Full of Poems (Theme: American Love)

Pocket Full of Poems:  9 Poems, Theme: American Love

coffee employees laugh

and drop things

she likes him and him her

mum’s lips on dad’s cheek

“mm” he says

after forty years

lips are softer

than I imagined

kiss me again

the boat coasts

a silent lake

her first romantic boy

a fall date

she knows how to dance

uh oh

she cries to the moon

red phone rings

she is loved

long shiny hair

covering my naked chest

let’s fall asleep

warm summer rain

naked in a field

what a joy she is

she sat on my lap

what do I do?

what do I do?

Poem from Let The Poets Come And Stop Me available this summer on interpunk.com or by me on Warped Tour.

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