Poem of the Day: drowning in demons, reaching for your devil

drowning in demons, reaching for your devil

you must stop

battling all the little demons

while the devil himself sits calmly watching

can’t you see,

that the devil is just keeping you busy?

he knows you’ll never think of knocking him down

while you’re distracted

if you want it to end it, end it

if you want progress

make progress

stop wasting your productive years

battling those little demons

want blood?

slay the big guy

what the hell is it you want anyway?

let all those little demons just hang on you

while you move forward

move strong toward his chair

grab your devil by his neck

surprise him; knock him down

the little ones will jump off once they see that

flex every muscle

put your brow down

you can have anything you want

Poem from Let The Poets Come And Stop Me available on Interpunk.com this summer.

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