Poem Of The Day: “oh what a lovely place don’t you think?”

“oh what a lovely place don’t you think?”

…”so now, the off-work dancer is about to throw up
my actor friend tending to her
and it’s freezing inside this
junk room
this makeshift squat
and there’s a jet engine looking heater
on the floor
in front of us
screaming and rumbling, shooting out a
blue and green flame
but its doing nothing for heat
outside, I can hear the fight escalating
I scrape the frost off the window with my nails
and through the scrapes
I can see
the mayhem shifting
and then the fight breaks out
all over the street
long blows that start way behind the back
and come down like a catapult

you see, the local boys didn’t like the price of the show
it worked out to be a little less than a dollar a ticket

about twenty of them
going at it
man, I tell yah
it was a sight
and we had only been there
for a little more than an hour”

about then, I realized the effect my story was having
this was not the type of party
to answer questions honestly
so I looked down,
and with my toe
played with a fallen napkin
with an hors d’oeurve toothpick stuck to it
and said,
“yes I’ve been to Italy before, it’s quite lovely
don’t you think?”

Poem from The Gypsy Mile available on Interpunk.com

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