Poem of the Day: a way out

a way out

gutter girls laughing
big teeth showing
swollen gums bursting
eyes scanning
looking for boys to kiss
broken windows poofing in light snow
would look beautiful
if it was a movie
if it was a stage show
if it was movie foam
but, like death to me in a trash squat in Slovenia
I rise up from the broken-wooden, folding cot that I lay on
with torn, army green fabric
my spindly body shaking wildly
back bones, shoulders and ribs shaking wildly
the aggressive cold
‘wait, couldn’t I die tonight?’
I thought, as I noticed the
around me
crone’s eyes widen for play at me
I approached these hellcats feeding
with a snatch and a glare
I grab their bottle
absinth doesn’t taste very good
when chugging it in desperation
but it’s your only way out

From the book: The Gypsy Mile @ Interpunk.com

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