Welcome everyone to my new writing site. It was designed by my long-time friend and art guru, Yosef. Here you can read poems from my book The Gypsy Mile, download full features, short screenplays, shorts stories, lyrics, and snippets from my new book The Art Of Boredom. You can also meet the characters, listen to the musical scores, and read the first episode of my new cartoon Gravedigger.

These days, progress on The Art Of Boredom is going great.  I have finished my first draft and have recently printed it to do my first red penning. I must give thanks to Harvard Law school for turning a blind eye, allowing me to sneak through their doorways, swindle one of their computers, print the book under the radar, and stay awake from the free coffee provided in the nice hallway catering spread.

Well, I’m going to have to keep this short, Yosef has told me it is time for him to teach me how to navigate around my new site.

Take care and trust your instincts,

David McWane

One thought on “Welcome

  1. Good luck to all your beginnings, Dave! Your music is awesome, a last album its simply masterpiece! I hope all of your other works will be a great like your songs! Cheers from Ukraine!

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